Game On... Clothes Off 2019

You haven’t played an RPG until you’ve played with the gamer girls. Whether online or on a table with their friends (old-school style), these ladies know how to get into the fantasy. Be they tavern wenches, buxom barbarians, forest nymphs, or leather-clad elven assassins, these ladies really do what it takes to get in character - because what happens in game, stays in game. Enter Judy: a longtime player who has recently joined her husband’s table game. But soon enough, Judy is shocked to realize the game is a thinly veiled excuse for an RPG orgy, and she leaves him to start a game of her own. Of course, her campaign quickly devolves into a lusty quagmire of swords and sorcery, but this time she’s the Dungeon Master! So if you’re looking for elves who touch themselves, breasts in your quests, and jizz on your wizards, this movie scores a critical hit. So enter a realm where the dwarves aren’t the only ones digging tunnels!

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